Our Tech

At True Negative, we pride ourselves in our understanding of state-of-the-art technology.

Buffalo DC

Our equipment is hosted in a Tier-1 datacenter in Buffalo, New York, which has over 11,000 square feet of space. The space is cooled with a 330-ton cooling plant with N+1 configuration. Power is provided through four 203kW UPS back up battery banks with N+1 configuration. Additionally, there is a 1500kW diesel generator. The facility is 24×7 with multiple-layer security and monitoring and meets all SSAE-16 and HIPAA standards.

True Negative Network

Our Network

Our network is a full autonomous system registered with ARIN (AS1636) with multi-homed BGP links to multiple upstream, Tier-1 providers. We have gigabit uplinks with failover to each upstream company in order to provide fast an sustainable network services to our clients.

Our internal network is managed using all high-end, multi-vendor routers and switches with gigabit links for all servers, and multi-gigabit links between networking equipment. We use state-of-the-art firewalls to offer hardware protection to both True Negative owned equipment as well as customer-supplied equipment.

Additionally, our network is fully monitored 24×7 for any problems so that can we can take corrective action before it becomes a catastrophic problem.

World Class Server Technology

Whether you’re utilizing our Shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers, or Dedicated Servers, we use only the best technology hardware and software and we continue to upgrade and expand our server equipment. All of our servers which host customer websites and virtual servers feature dual quad-core processors, and a ridiculous amount of RAM.

These servers feature an enterprise Linux, 64-bit operating system, hardened and optimized for each of our applications. Our systems engineers keep an eye on the packages and ensure that software is updated and any bugs are patched.

True Negative Network