Domain Privacy

Domain Privacy is a service provided by our upstream registrars that replaces the information listed in a domain’s WHOIS with the info of a forwarding service. Contact via email is done with a forwarding service to provide anonymity of your email contact information. This can help obscure your email from companies that use the WHOIS database to find email addresses to send SPAM.

Protection & Peace of Mind

  • Keeps You SafeDomain Privacy keeps your WHOIS information safe, so thieves cannot steal your identity
  • Legitimate ContactImportant emails such as purchase offers for your domain are still forwarded through to you.
  • Block SPAMActual contact information is kept out of the hands of spammers so you will not receive those emails.
  • ICANN ComplianceOur implementation of Domain Privacy follows all of the rules set out by ICANN, which is the governing body for all domain names.

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