Privacy Policy Management

By using one of our privacy policy management suites, you can remove legal hurdles and create sales opportunities by increasing your customer confidence. Because identity theft can occur nearly every 3 seconds, the United States federal government and many state governments have introduced laws that require websites to have a privacy policy. Using a privacy management suite, such as the one we offer from TRUSTe, provides a low-cost solution that will put your website in compliance with these laws, and makes your consumers feel more comfortable with doing business with you.

The level of customer sophistication about online privacy is increasing rapidly, and they are likely to leave your website if its privacy policy is unclear or does not indicate a certain level of commitment to users’ privacy. Additionally, customers are likely to hold businesses responsible for any discrepancies between their policies and practices.

TRUSTe Privacy Policy

  • Privacy Policy Review
    TRUSTe outfits your company with a 100% accurate privacy statement suited to your business practices.
  • Website Scan for Potential Threats
    TRUSTe’s trained compliance team helps you identify potential privacy threats that would go unnoticed.
  • TRUSTe Makes Sure You Meet Federal & State Requirements
    The privacy policy that TRUSTe makes for you ensures that your site meets requirements for all federal and state online privacy laws.
  • Help With Resolving Disputes
    TRUSTe’s third-party resolution processes help you extend your customer care
  • Reasonably Priced Service
    TRUSTe privacy policy services start at just $10/year or $60/year with the site seal.